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Sage Counseling and Consulting Group PLLC is a private practice based in Charlotte, North Carolina that provides mental heath services through psychotherapy, psychoeducation and community advocacy.


Vision statement questions look like:
What are our hopes and dreams?
What problem are we solving for the greater good?
Who and what are we inspiring to change?


Integrity: No surprises; saying what we do and doing what we say

Fortitude: Courage or Strength of Mind

Freedom: Independence and flexibility to choose the direction in which one's life will go; to make one's own decisions

Mindfulness: conscious, intentional and thoughtful words and actions



A Message from Jay

To really know what's important to a person, pay attention to their values. 

Values reveal our motivations. Values are help us to make decisions. Values answer the questions "who are you?" and "what do you stand for?" both of which are important questions that we all must ask ourselves if we're willing. Values give us direction amid confusion. Research shows when we move towards the things that matter most to us that we experience a higher quality of life and personal satisfaction.

Before we connect, it's important that I share mine with you: acceptance, justice, growth, accountability, integrity, flexibility, and freedom. As an person, who

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